Monitoring Software

Whether from a local connection through Ethernet, or via a remote WiFi connection, one of the key aspects of an autonomous system, is that is has to be robust. For that reason, the heart of the system, their batteries, must be continuously monitored to detect any problem. If, for example, the system is powered through a solar panel, it's necessary to detect drops in the power input due to connection failures, dirtiness, movements of the support of the panel due tu wind, etc. Also the monitoring software must give advice of overload currents, disconnections and short circuits. And, of course, the battery cells themselves must be controlled so they are balanced and in a safe area of ​​operation for temperature, power output, voltage and other parameters. Many remote systems lack of this control so frequent technical personnel travels are needed for, in most cases, detecting that the problem was caused by battery malfunctioning. This has the consequent cost that this entails, apart from the loss of information, which in the case of security systems, can be very important.

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